Highland Savannah

Tour A

Namibia´s Central Plateau, also known as "Khomas Hochland" (Hilly Highland) lies up to 2 000 metres above sea level. From Okomitundu we wind our way through breath-taking landscapes of undulating plains and reddish granite mountains to reach Camel Farm Hilton.


Tour B 

It is a short trip of 30 kilometres from the Camel Farm to Weissenfels, an oasis of comfort and relaxation on this guest farm with country lifestyle. Here you receive personalized attention in an atmosphere designed to enable you to meditate in a natural environment. Join like-minded people for moon meditation and a walk in the unique Labyrinth. Enjoy some private time on nature walks.  A healthy cuisine helps you balance an unforgettable time in this magnificent natural setting. 

Highland Savannah

Here we meet the unique naturalist "Lumpi" who dedicates his life to introducing visitors to the wilderness on a Camel Safari. You have the opportunity to spend an entire day and night with Lumpi and his camels, trekking and camping in the freedom of the vast highland savanna.