Remote South - Southern Coastal

Tour A

Set in splendid isolation, the southern region of Namibia bears the Nama name of ,Karas, a reference to the tree-like aloe whose hollowed bark was used by early San hunters to carry their poison arrows. It is accessible by road or air and introduces you to the vastness of a near-pristine landscape. Cone-shaped hills, table-top plateaus and immense expanses of undulating plains surround you. Space, emptiness and timeless vistas stretch to the horizon, clothed in an array of pale colours that merge with dark shades of volcanic rock.

From your comfortable lodge or guest farm you can wander freely and safely amongst this wonderland of unspoiled Nature.


Tour B

Namibia`s southern coast provides you with an opportunity to experience wild, rugged Nature. Its remoteness requires that you fly from Windhoek to the coastal town of Lüderitzbucht where you base yourself in accommodation ranging from self-catering guest houses to fully inclusive hotels. Set in a rocky, natural bay studded with isolated beaches, Lüderitz provides an ideal starting point to explore the so-called "Diamond Coast", which is surrounded by the "Sperrgebiet" or Restricted Area, renown for its gem-quality diamonds. Ranging from calm, fog-laden skies to clear, windswept days, you can drive, walk or sit quietly and contemplate the solitude and freedom of pristine beaches and bays, drenched in sunshine and the freshest air imaginable.